Our microfluidic technology was invented and patented in the group of Prof. Thomas Hankemeier at Leiden University. EXIT071 obtained exclusive rights to use this technology for the analysis of extracellular vesicles, including exosomes.

EXIT071 has developed a novel microfluidic technology for the isolation and research analysis of novel biomarkers in exosomes which enables us to provide high purity in a high-throughput automated format. Our technology platform aims to offer a complete solution to your clinical research in therapeutics and Diagnostics.

Exosomes are nanosized particles secreted by all cells for communication. Exosomes carry the same molecular information (proteins, RNAs, metabolites) as the cell they come from and are the snapshots of health or disease state of organs. They are present in all body fluids (blood, urine). Exosomes have huge potential for non-invasive diagnostics and novel therapeutics, due to their intrinsic properties for regulating intracellular pathways and for crossing the blood-brain barriers, making them perfect for the potential use as drug delivery carries.

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